There are a selection of ‘days’, ‘weeks’ or ‘months’ in January –


Dry January – 1-31 January. Going alcohol-free for the whole of January –  – Dry January campaign website.


Cervical Cancer prevention Week – 21-27 January.  75% of cases of cervical cancer can be prevented by attending regular smear tests, but many women don’t go for their smear tests when invited.  For more information about Cervical cancer, and the awareness week, see Jo’s Trust website.


Big Garden Bird Watch, 26-28 January.  Not as important – or maybe it is!  Monitoring the spread of our native birds can be an important marker for climate change, and other factors which affect our wildlife. Find out how to take part on the RSPB website.


Holocaust Memorial Day – 27 January. Marking the Holocaust, and working to ensure that something like that never happens again.  Find out more on the Holocaust Memorial Day website.

Cornwall Faith Forum will be holding a time of reflection around the Peace Pole at the Dor Kemmyn Field to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.  It will take place at 2pm, and be followed by hot drinks and cake.  For further information, contact Rita Stephen or tel. 07775 937485.


Young Carers Awareness Day – 31 January.  raising awareness of young carers, looking after siblings or parents. For more information, see the Carers Trust website.