The Independent Voluntary Organisations Learning and Development Network (IVO) was set up over 10 years ago as a partnership between the local authority and the voluntary sector to assist with the development of a skilled, knowledgeable, vibrant and thriving Voluntary Community Sector children’s workforce in Cornwall.

IVO’s mission was to:

  • To promote and support the active and meaningful involvement of voluntary community sector organisations in integrated children’s workforce reform.
  • To work with Cornwall’s infrastructure partnerships to ensure the long term sustainability of the VCS in Cornwall.
  • To ensure that voluntary community sector organisations understand and are able to fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities.
  • To support voluntary community sector organisations to access training and development

Over the years IVO has Utilised legacy funding from CWDC to provide training, conferences and networking opportunities for staff and volunteers within small VCS organisations and groups that work with children and their families, with a particular focus on those with an annual income of less than £10,000.

Over the last two years IVO has used its legacy funds to provide training to 195 learners from 51 VCSE organisations in subject such as Food Safety, First Aid, Safeguarding, Health & Safety.  This training, often hard to fund for small groups, has been beneficial in assisting groups to operate safely and legally.

With funding harder and harder to come by, and a new round of ESF funds available to support the VCSE workforce, the IVO Board has made the decision to use its remaining funds to provide training in Single Agency Safeguarding and Understanding Universal Credit during the autumn of 2017 before closing the organisation at the end of the year.

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IVO would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have attended training & conferences over the last 10 years, as students or contributors, and wish you all well for the future.