The week 3-9 February is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week.

Safer Cornwall is encouraging people to get involved with a campaign to raise awareness of these issues, using a template and social media campaign.

The template is attached – its not ok template  together with examples of the kind of things that people have written.

It’s Not Ok Examples

Please print out the template, and share it

Please use it, and ask friends, colleagues, family members, and people who use your service to make posts about things that at ‘not OK’ around the topic of sexual abuse.

Please share these photos on social media this week, using hashtags #ITSNOTOK #SexualAbuseSexualViolenceAwarenessWeek2020 #NoExcuse #EverybodysBusiness #DontBeABystander and tag Safer Cornwall in the post.

Safer Cornwall is also creating a video compilation of people for the awareness week, so please share this, when it is published.