The United Nations marks today as International Migrants Day, 18 December, to draw attention to the increasing issues surrounding the mass movement of people in search of a better life.

There is a lot of information on the UN website, above, and more on the International Organisation for Migration.


a conference took place in Marrakesh on 10 & 11 December this year to formally adopt the Global Compact for safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. 

This Compact is the first international pact on movements of people between the 164 nations represented by the UN, and was passed despite US-led objections. The US pulled out of the negotiations a year ago, and Austria, Australia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia and the Dominican Republic have also backed out.

The Pact is not legally binding, but a resolution, aimed at helping governments work together to manage migration and ensure that people making cross-border journeys can do so in a legal, orderly and safe way.

The global compact comprises 23 objectives for better managing migration at local, national, regional and global levels. The compact:

  • aims to mitigate the adverse drivers and structural factors that hinder people from building and maintaining sustainable livelihoods in their countries of origin;
  • intends to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities migrants face at different stages of migration by respecting, protecting and fulfilling their human rights and providing them with care and assistance;
  • seeks to address the legitimate concerns of states and communities, while recognizing that societies are undergoing demographic, economic, social and environmental changes at different scales that may have implications for and result from migration;
  • strives to create conducive conditions that enable all migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities, and thus facilitate their contributions to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels.


For more details about the process of the agreement, see this Guardian article, and more information about the Compact is in the UN Refugees and Migrants web pages.
You can see a full copy of the resolution on the UN website (in a variety of languages) and the full list of 23 points is on page 6.