Homelessness frontline worker survey

St Martin in the Fields Frontline Network is conducting its Frontline Worker Survey 2019 and is looking for frontline workers who work with people experiencing homelessness to have their say. This survey offers an opportunity for frontline workers to say what is and isn’t working when supporting people experiencing homelessness. The results will create a vital resource for decision-makers when developing strategies to reduce homelessness. Complete the survey or share it with your network of frontline workers before 26th November. Take the survey here


Homelessness Prevention: Nos Da Kernow

The Nos Da Kernow service is a service designed to prevent single people and childless couples who are in danger of rough sleeping from taking that step.  They deliver a ‘No First Night out’ approach to prevent rough sleeping. The service will cover people at risk of homelessness, including but not limited to people who are ‘sofa surfing’ and people about to be discharged from hospital. People will be given support to maintain their existing accommodation or to identify alternative accommodation as appropriate, and help to identify and manage risks to their safety.

You can find out more on the Safer Cornwall website, or click to download their poster.

Referrals can be sent to: nosdakernow@cornwallhousing.org.uk or 01209 200 278


Tackling homelessness in St Austell

Salvation Army Housing Association logoCornwall Housing and the Salvation Army Housing Association are working in partnership to tackle homelessness in St Austell.  The Fresh Start Centre is now housing people over the winter months, with funding for 6 months from 1 October.

You can read more on the Safer website.


Rough Sleepers Outreach Team

Addaction Cornwall, who currently provide drug and alcohol support in the area, has been awarded the Rough Sleepers Outreach Contract by Cornwall Housing.

As part of the project, Addaction outreach workers will be employed to engage and support some of Cornwall’s most vulnerable people currently living on the street. The project will run in partnership with the charity Homeless Link’s StreetLink service.

If a member of the public is concerned about someone sleeping rough they can send an alert to StreetLink through the mobile app, www.streetlink.org.uk, or by calling 0300 500 0914. The referral will be sent to Addaction Cornwall and an outreach worker will go to the location where the rough sleeper was seen at to engage and support them.

You can find more on the Safer Cornwall website.