England’s Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield has recommended that a compulsory register be kept of children who are being home schooled.  Her report shows that there are increasing numbers of children being educated in this way, and “no-one knows how they are doing academically, or even if they’re safe”.

A report produced in April 2018 showed that Homeschooling has increased in the UK by 40% over the last three years, with the Commissioner’s report showing an estimated 60,000 home schooled children in 2018.

There are concerns especially around the education being received by children with special educational needs, which could make up over a quarter of the total number of children.

Common reasons for homeschooling include schools ‘off-rolling’ pupils, asking them to move to another school, pupils avoiding exclusion from schools, and mental health issues.


The Children’s Commissioner is proposing a compulsory register of home educated children, and publishing a school by school list showing the numbers of pupils who move to being home educated, which will highlight off-rolling.


You can read the press release accompanying the report from the Children’s Commissioner here, and linked to the full report.