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Do you know someone who enjoys the countryside and who may be feeling the effects of isolation and loneliness during the current lockdown?

We are all going through a challenging experience right now and many people may be feeling the effects of loneliness and isolation.  Transferable Skills Training (TST)  are taking some positive steps to support men over 55 and their family carers who are struggling with the lockdown, and the impact this imposed isolation is having on their physical and mental wellbeing.

With support from the national charity Countrymen UK, TST are aiming to reach men who already have an affinity with the countryside and outdoor environment and have long-term health or mobility issues. Their interest in the countryside might stem from their previous occupation in farming or horticulture, or perhaps through their leisure activities e.g. gardening, fishing, walking etc. These men will be finding it difficult to be indoors, and those living with health conditions such as dementia may not understand the current situation. Their family carers will be facing additional challenges and pressures at this time and may appreciate some additional support.

TST is planning to help by offering resources, activities, and information to link them back to the outdoors and help them feel motivated, stimulated and most importantly, connected.  This can be anything from a regular telephone call, activities to complete at home such as being sent summer seeds and bulbs with a container, delivering farm fresh eggs, or links to videos and photographs about what is going on at our farm. We can also help with providing electronic tablets to access our Countrymen group via smart technology.

How you can help

It is so important to reach out to these men and their family carers in our communities.  Perhaps you know or have someone in mind who would appreciate this support, or you are part of an organisation that could help spread the word about what we can offer. If so please contact TST at Merryhue Farm so that we can discuss how they may be able to help.

TST, Merryhue Farm, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 7HW

Telephone: 01579 384798 Mobile: 07483353453. Preferred method of contact.

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