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Hi-Vis UK are concerned that during Covid-19, many self-isolating over 70’s may be further impacted by their deteriorating hearing and sight.

To help support them, and those who care for them, they have produced a series of guides and a COVID-19 information, advice and resources web page to help everyone understand what some of the issues might be and some potential solutions when needing to communicate with this group of vulnerable people in the community.

The guides cover a range of everyday situations and related challenges facing a DSI (Dual Sensory Impairment) person and those who need to see them during the Covid-19 outbreak. Age related dual sensory impairment, a largely hidden condition, affects an older person’s ability to: move safely around the home; access all sorts of information, including the latest Government or local authority COVID-19 updates and advice; they will struggle to maintain two-way communication such as asking for help or to arrange services.

You can read and download the guides here.

Hi-Vis Covid-19 Guide 1

Hi-Vis Covid Guide 2

Hi-Vis Covid Guide 3

Hi-Vis Covid Guide 4

Hi Vis Covid Toolkit.