Cornwall Council’s Strategy and Development team issues a policy briefing, weekly (usually), which contains a host of interesting links to government policy matters, consultations, news items and other points of interest.  The most recent edition contain so much that is potentially of interest that there isn’t space to run an article on each point, as would normally happen, so these are the health-related highlights that are not covered elsewhere in the VSF newsfeed recently or in the immediate future.

Vigilance is being called for to help support at risk individuals during the heatwave, whilst MPs have warned that heatwaves could kill 7,000 annually without action.

The number of hospital beds for people with acute mental health conditions has dropped almost 30% since 2009.

Following the ban on legal highs there has been an 80% fall in hospital admissions for misuse.

The value of unpaid carers is £139bn – almost 8 times total spending on adult social care – with numbers increasing by a million over the decade, amid warnings they are losing out in terms of work, finances and health.

A backbench MP is to propose a parliamentary debate on the introduction of legislation for the compulsory installation of CCTV in care homes to tackle abuse and neglect, whilst a new report finds care home capacity is greater than previously thought, but that elderly people are being turned away due to staff shortages and to keep down costs.

Foster parents are encouraged to hug and comfort children in their care in new Government guidance on physical affection.