A brief update on some health-related stories that have been in the news recently.

Children’s Centres warning

The Local Government Association has warned that underfunding will cause more Children’s Centres to close, with over 1,000 having closed in the last decade already.

With local councils spending on children’s centres being cut by 25% in some cases, many  are struggling to survive.

For the news story, see Huffington Post, and the LGA’s report can be found on their website.


Healthy Workplace Awards

This year’s Health Workplace Awards were presented at a ceremony at County Hall last week.  Few voluntary sector organisations were represented, but it’s still good news for the physical and mental health of all the employees in the organisations who achieved Gold, Silver or Bronze level achievements.

The Healthy Workplace website has lots of useful information that will help all employers to provide health and wellbeing support to their staff.  There are many easy-to-implement pointers that can help your staff and volunteers be healthier and happier – and therefore be more efficient and invested.


Farming Health Hub

The first Farming Health Hub is planned for Cornwall, to provide the local farming community with much-needed support.  The Hub will offer signposting in three key areas: physical health, mental health and business health, and will be a partnership of private and public sector, with voluntary organisations.

The hub will be mobile, setting up in local halls, bringing the information to where it is needed.

Farming UK ran the story, and there is more information on  the Farming Health Hub website – although it’s not got a lot there yet.


Prescriptions for antidepressants rising

The number of people being prescribed antidepressants has almost doubled in the last ten years.

Figures from NHS Digital Data show that 70.9 million items to treat depression and anxiety were given out in 2018. In 2008, 36 million items were dispensed and experts are suggesting that the huge rise is in part due to the increasing acceptance of mental ill health in society.

You can read the full news story in the Independent.