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NHS Partnerships podcast

NHS England has produced a podcast that “explores the value of a joined-up way of working between systems and the voluntary sector, identifying the benefits of voluntary sector involvement in health and care partnerships and what this means for clinicians and their patients.”

You can find the podcast on the NHS England website.


Severe obesity linked to early death

A new study has found that severe obesity increases the rink of early death by 50%.  In addition, for those with a BMI of 35-40, the risk of Type 2 diabetes with 9 times higher, and for sleep apnoea was 12 times higher, than for those with a ‘normal’ BMI.

For a precis of the study, which was presented at the European Congress on Obesity last month, see ITV news.


ME blood test

A test has been developed which can be used to accurately detect whether a person has myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) which is also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

US researchers, led by Stanford University, have found a way to measure differences in the electrical signals given off by cells in the immune systems of people with CFS/ME, from healthy volunteers.  Tests are ongoing to see whether the test can distinguish these individuals from others with other causes of fatigue.  Currently, ME is diagnosed based on a variety of symptoms, and often, sufferers face accusations that their condition is not ‘real’. This test conclusively proves that the condition is real, and it could also help guide research into treatment.

You can read more on the Independent website.


Working with Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) wants your views to shape relationship guidance which will make clear how they’ll work with local voluntary organisations, what to expect from CQC and how you should share information with them. Spare a few minutes so they can understand how you work, what you know about them and what they can do better. Complete the survey on the CQC website.