Some health stories that have been in the news recently.


Wasted medicine

A photo of over £1,000 of unused medication left by a patient was shared by a GP on social media recently, and it went viral.  Following this there have been a sereis of articles in the press around medication waste, and how much money the NHS could save if people were sensible about medicines, and cancelled prescriptions that were no longer needed.  (See article)

Vaping and health problems

With vaping-related deaths in the US in the news recently, and articles around the prevalence of vaping among American teenagers, research in the UK has shown that vaping is linked to health problems in the UK including pneumonia and heart disorders. (See article)


Following the news that the UK has lost its ‘Measles free’ status according to World Health Organisation measures, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that he is considering making vaccines mandatory for children attending mainstream school, and he has commissioned legal advice on the matter. (See article)

Heart attack gender gap

‘Women don’t get heart attacks’ is a fallacy, and women are in fact dying from heart attacks because they do not receive the same treatment as men, according to new research from the British Heart Foundation.  Incorrect diagnoses, and delays getting them to hospital, as well as fewer prescriptions for medication, are cited as causes. (See article)

Melanoma survival rates improving

Half of all patients are surviving late-stage melanoma, which was previously considered untreatable.  As recently as ten years ago, most patients would die within months of a diagnosis, but now 52% live for at least 5 years after diagnosis. (See article)