Local organisations in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Cornwall are being asked to feed their views into a Local Industrial Strategy for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The Government has tasked every Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in England to lead and develop a Local Industrial Strategy in their area by 2020. This will decide local economic priorities for the next decade, in line with the Government’s national Industrial Strategy, which aims to boost productivity and create high-quality, well-paid jobs.

The Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Local Industrial Strategy will build on the LEP’s 10 Opportunities investment prospectus published last year, and it will be vital to meeting the twin challenges of increased productivity and inclusiveness so that no part of the economy is left behind. The LEP is now asking businesses and organisations to be part of developing the strategy, starting with a call for evidence to draw out the relative strengths and weaknesses of the local economy, with an emphasis on increasing productivity.

LEP Chair, Mark Duddridge, said:

“We’ve laid much of the groundwork for our Local Industrial Strategy but we really want to hear from businesses in particular about what they see as their future opportunities, what needs to happen to get there, and what’s holding them back.

“Do they struggle to recruit? Can they find the right skills? Is access to finance, suitable workspace or poor infrastructure an issue? Do businesses have any sector research they can share with us? How could technology make a difference? These are all important issues that can inform our work.

“Through our Local Industrial Strategy we are being asked to use evidence to prioritise specific, achievable and long-term ambitions that relate to defined challenges and opportunities to improve productivity. Government has stressed that we must prioritise.

“That’s why it’s so important that businesses have their say and submit what evidence they have which might shape our strategy.”

They are asking for feedback to be given through this survey . Please submit your feedback by Monday 8 April.


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