A quick roundup of news relating to charities and CICs, etc, in general terms


A new study has shown that a large number of small businesses (and this includes charitable organisations) are unaware of the implications of GDPR with regards to their operating practices, and are in breech of the regulations without being aware of it.  For the full article, see the Independent.


Protected Characteristics

A blog on the Clinks website, regarding the groups protected under the Equalities Act. “Overall we found there is inconsistent understanding among voluntary organisations of the needs of people protected under the Equalities Act (2010) and the protected characteristics the act defines.”  Read the blog here


Legal Aid cuts

The Legal Aid advice network has been dramatically reduced by cuts to the funding for Legal Aid, according to a new study, with access to justice severely undermined. For the full report, see the BBC website.


Homeopathic charities to lose charitable status

Charities which promote homeopathy are set to lose charitable status, as rules are changed at the Charities Commission.  Since ‘measurable medical efficacy’ has not been proved for homeopathic treatments, and the NHS has banned funding for it, the Charities Commission says that they must now provide scientific evidence for all medical claims they are making or lose their charitable status.  For more information, see the Independent article.