A couple of food-related enquiries or consultations are taking place at the moment, as flagged up by the Food Poverty Group.

Children’s Future Food Inquiry

Do you know children who struggle to access enough food or nutritious diets?

Then share your stories with the Children’s Future Food Inquiry.

Your submission can include photos, videos and writing from all ages!

They would like to hear from anyone who has experiences, evidence or real-life case studies which they would like to share with the Inquiry committee. You may be a teacher, a healthcare professional, a parent, an older sibling, a carer or anyone at all who has known or observed children who don’t have easy access to nutritious diets.

Visit the Inquiry website for more info and to make your submission.


Case studies relating to Meals on Wheels

Sustain and the National Association of Care Caterers (NACC) are raising awareness about the potential Meals on Wheels services have to combat malnutrition, food poverty and social isolation in older people, as well as other wider benefits such as preventative support and local employment or volunteering opportunities.

If you have a case study to share, please visit the Sustain website for more information.


The Food Poverty Team is hosting a free Food Power webinar on 26 September.  The focus will be on Healthy Start vouchers, and how to improve uptake and understanding in your are.   You can sign up online.

They also running a petition to ask the Government to fix Universal Credit, if you’re interested in adding your name – visit the Sustain website for more information.