The European Social Fund (ESF) project bulletin has recently arrived, with several interesting pieces of news and information.

Case Study booklet

They have recently published the 2019 England European Social Fund 2014-2020 Programme Case Study Booklet, showcasing 35 projects funded through the programme.

£2.05 billion of the current ESF Programme has now been allocated to over 400 projects (figures correct as of end of August 2019). And with more projects set to be contracted, further applications under consideration and live calls for projects on GOV.UK, they expect to see numbers further build across the country in the months ahead.

Projects featured in the booklet include these from Cornwall:

Game Changer – £2.6m EU funding – page 7 of the booklet.

Game Changer employs personal ‘navigators’ who work with young people to find a career they feel passionate about and signpost them to support and training they need to get there. Working with a network of industry partners means participants are offered taster days, placements, training courses and work experience to help them discover a career path. Game Changer have engaged with 696 people to date, with 661 receiving direct support from the project to gain formal, nationally-recognised qualifications.

Positive People – £5.1m EU & BBO funding – page 12

Positive People offers a lifeline to people who are not in work by helping build confidence and skills; and give them a sense of hope for the future. The project gives people the opportunity to get involved in local communities, meet new people and have fun through a range of activities. Over 1200 participants have received help to identify their aspirations, master digital technology, search for jobs and access training. Advice is offered on apprenticeships, self-employment, benefits and financial matters. The project also provides support for participants with personal development, daily life and medical conditions.

You can download the whole booklet here.



There is also updated information for organisations which will be receiving EU finding after Brexit.


Consultation on ESF support to employment and labour mobility

The European Commission has launched an online public consultation regarding ESF support to Employment and Labour Mobility. The public consultation is accessible to all ESF stakeholders and citizens in general; and can be accessed on the Europa website.

Please note:

  • the consultation will be active until midnight on 06/01/2020. The results of the survey will be summarised in a synopsis document, which will be published online, and will show the replies by country.
  • the consultation excludes support to youth employment, which has been subject to another now closed public consultation


Changes to guidance

There has been a change to one ESF Guidance Product:

There have been two Action Notes published on GOV.UK:

  • 040/19 Pension Deficit
  • 039/19 Revised EU Procurement Requirements