South West Forum carried out a an online  survey “What’s the Future?” last Autumn. The report and an infographic summary are now available on their website:

The survey highlighted the relatively fragility of much of the sector (almost half feel their unrestricted reserves are not safe) and the increasing difficulty organisations have in securing the funding they need for their work (79% are finding it more difficult. There is also a sense of a sector divided, between those organisations that are doing OK and feel (reasonably) well equipped for the future and those that are struggling.

You are encouraged to make use of the report in any way is appropriate, including sending it to key people in the public sector who you feel need to better understand the challenges currently facing the sector.

SW Forum is already using the survey findings in the planning and development of services and support they offer to members and others, to ensure that what they provide addresses the needs and problems facing organisations on the ground.