Hedgehog safety and information packs

Clean Cornwall are reminding people to be aware of hedgehogs at this time of year, with bonfires posing a major risk to their welfare.

They have teamed up with Prickles and Paws to produce an information pack to be used with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children, encouraging them to look after local wildlife.  The campaign is called Band Together, and focuses on the harm that litter can do.

You can find out more on the Clean Cornwall website.

Marine waste disposal

Did you know that divers or fishing boats which find marine waste at sea can’t simply tidy it up, and bring it back to shore when they land?  They need a marine license to dispose of it, which they must apply for before bringing the waste ashore, if they don’t have one already. This is a piece of red tape that is simply getting in the way of cleaning up the marine environment, and the Government has proposed removing it, in new proposed legislation announced last week.

There is an estimated 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear lost at sea each year, which becomes ‘ghost gear’, floating around the oceans, entangling marine life and clogging waterways. The new proposals will exempt divers from the requirement to have a license, in a bid to streamline the cleanup of our oceans.

You can find out more on the Government’s website.

There is a consultation on the proposals, closing on 14 December – you can have your say on the DEFRA website.