The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have chosen 15 lesser-known charities to support during the month of August, via their Instagram account, using their followers’ suggestions for which charities to choose.

They are all described as ‘a force for good’, and cover a wide range of causes known to be close to Harry and Meghan’s hearts. The charities are:

Beyond Blue
Equipping everyone in Australia with the knowledge and skills to achieve their best possible mental health

Love the Oceans
LTO Conservation is a charity in Mozambique enabling marine conservation through research, education and diving.

Art of Hope
The only American non profit fully committed to supporting mental health needs of war-torn refugees.

Rafiki Mwema
The charity is housing 70 Kenyan children as young as 18 months old who have suffered horrific abuse, at therapeutic houses, known as Doyle Farm. They have also helped re-establish a further 150 children back into their home community via the Rafiki Mwema Outreach Programme.

Global Wellness Day
Global Wellness Day, which is Saturday, 13 June 2020, is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social platform created for living well.

Lion Guardians
Conservation organisation that promotes coexistence between people and lions.

Earth Day Network
Building the world’s largest environmental movement.

Tiny Tickers Charity
Tiny Tickers works to improve the early detection and diagnosis of heart defects in babies – giving them a better start in life.

Plan International
Help us give every child, every chance

Pawsitive Change Program
A Marleys Mutts program pairing shelter dogs with inmates in California Prisons. Giving both a second chance at life on the outside. Fighting recidivism

Children International
We aim to create a world without poverty where every child, family and community is connected, productive and thriving. Together, we can multiply good.

Blink Now Foundation
Supporting Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School in Surkhet, Nepal.

Dedicated to increasing the global bee population. One hive at a time – together we make a difference.

Free Wheelchair Mission
We believe in a world where everyone who needs a wheelchair has one. Join our mission to lift another million individuals into a wheelchair by 2025.

Waves for Change
Award winning NGO transforming disused beaches into community-owned safe spaces. Africa and Beyond.

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