Everyone’s Journey, a new campaign for inclusive transport

This Department for Transport campaign aims to enable more disabled people to travel with confidence by sharing the improvements being made on the ground and creating a more considerate and supportive travel environment for everyone. They want to make sure that disabled people have the same access to transport as everyone else, and are able to travel easily, confidently, and without extra cost.

You can support the campaign by visiting the Everyone’s Journey DfT website.  and signing up as a partner. Please also use your social media channels to highlight:

  • Actions you are taking to make public transport more inclusive, or
  • Issues faced by disabled people on public transport (to increase awareness)


Hidden disabilities bus cards

First West of England have introduced cards for passengers with hidden disabilities to alert bus drivers to their conditions, for example ‘please let me know when we reach xxxx’, ‘please be patient, I have had a stroke’.

Find out more on the Metro news website – and raise awareness of the scheme in Cornwall.


Violent hate crime against disabled people is rising

Disability hate crime involving violence has risen by 41 per cent in the last year, andoffences with an online element have also gone up by 71 per cent, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Leonard Cheshire Foundation.

Find out more on the Independent website.


Sainsbury’s and Argos are going to be using sunflower disability lanyards for disabled customers

Following a pilot, the scheme is being rolled out across the country. See the Sainsbury’s press release.

However, there is criticism of the scheme’s use in retail outlets, (as opposed to airports), with critics saying that staff should be receiving better customer service training, and shops and corporate policies being more inclusive as a whole, rather than putting the onus on disabled people to identify themselves.

The Independent has more details.



Just Ask Don’t Grab is a new awareness-raising hashtag being used by disabled people to combat unwanted ‘helpfulness’.  Wheelchair users and people with mobility impairments and sight impairments are increasingly speaking out about incidences of people taking control of their wheelchairs, helping them in directions they do not wish to go, and failing to ask before stepping in.

Find out more on the BBC website.


Ticketmaster accessibility

Ticketmaster is rolling out a new scheme for disabled people who wish to purchase tickets, where they will give their disability requirements once, and this data will be stored on their profile for future purchases.  Details of the various types of accessible ticket options are also being more widely promoted through the site, rather than the current arrangement of having to make a call to the helpline, within certain time slots. See more on the BBC website.


Dyslexia as an MP

And finally, Peter Kyle MP has been vocal on Twitter recently about his experiences of carrying out his job with Dyslexia, in the face of abuse around his spelling.  See what he has to say in his Twitter feed.