There have been several ‘Days’ recently, and even a Month –

Movember has finished, with men growing luxurious moustaches and raising money and awareness around men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. For more information see the Movember Foundation website.


Carers Rights Day was Friday 30 November.  (Sorry we missed it!)  This aims to raise awareness of the rights of carers, and help them find the support they are entitled to. You can find out more about carers, and their rights, on the Carers UK website.


December 1 was World AIDS Day (oops, missed that too). The aim here is to show solidarity with those who have AIDS or are HIV positive, and fundraise for their ongoing support and the prevention of new transmissions of the disease. You can find out more on the World AIDS Day website.


International Volunteers Day is December 5. This is organised to celebrate the power and potential of volunteeism.  Please do celebrate your volunteers on this day (and other days, of course!).  More information about International Volunteer Day can be found on the Volunteer Now website.


World Human Rights Day is December 10. This year marks 70 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed on 10 November at the United Nations General assembly, in the aftermath of the Second World War. For more information about World Human Tights Day, human rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, see the UN website.


International Migrants Day is December 18.  Also from the United Nations, this recognises that migration is a fact of life, and has been for millennia.  The day raises awareness, and helps focus campaigning for rights for those forced to migrate.