A few reports and statistics releases, that could be useful in applying for funding, or figuring out future plans.

Ministry of Justice race and crime stats

Ministry of Justice race and crime stats have been released, for 2018.  This publication compiles statistics from data sources across the Criminal Justice System (CJS) in England and Wales, to provide a combined perspective on the typical experiences of different ethnic groups.

There is a report, a technical guide to the report, various tables and a fascinating infographic: race-cjs-2018-infographic

You can download all of these from the Gov.uk website.


Offender equalities

Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service has published its annual offender equalities report, 2018-2019.  This report provides statistics on offenders in prison and in the community and their protected characteristics.  There are detailed stats around the general prison population, transgender prisoners, mother and baby units, incentives and earned privileges, accredited programmes and electronic monitoring.

You can download everything from the Gov.uk website.


Brain injury and domestic abuse

The Disabilities Trust has published further analysis of results that they shared in February 2019, showing a link between female offending and traumatic brain injury, with a high incidence of those injuries being caused by domestic abuse.

You can read the initial information, and the further analysis, on the Disabilities Trust website.