CQC, the Care Quality Commission, is asking for help. There are 2 things that it is interested in:

1 – Finding case studies about raising concerns over care.

CQC is launching a year-long campaign this month talking about why people have been stopped from raising their concerns about care and what happened when they did speak about them. They will highlight how important it is to share experiences and give tips on how to raise issues about care that you or someone you love has received. They’ll also show how our independent inspection reports can help people make better decisions when choosing care.  MOre details will be available on the CQC website when this is launched.

2 – Sharing their 2018 Adult Inpatient survey

Hearing from patients helps bring about improvement in care and is a great way for people to make a change to their local services.  CQC wants to hear from anyone aged 16 and over who had at least one night in a hospital during July 2018.

CQC is encouraging people to share the existence of the survey,  to make sure their experiences of care are heard. Encourage people to keep an eye out for the survey and respond to it.
Find out more using their toolkit.


You can subscribe to the CQC newsletter via their website, if you are interested in this area of work.