On Friday 25 October, Cornwall VSF held its AGM.  Many thanks to all of our Members who attended, and those who sent in proxy voting forms.  Also, we were delighted to see many other non-Members present, representing the Council, the NHS and other statutory partners.

As part of the meeting, Richard Williams delivered a Chair of Trustees report outlining the future direction of the organisation, and the role that we will play in the voluntary sector over the coming years.

Annual Trustees Report & Financial Statements 2018_19

Councillor Edwina Hannaford stepped in for Cornwall Council Chief Executive Kate Kennally at the last minute, and delivered Kate’s speech around the high value that Cornwall Council places on the voluntary sector as a whole, and Cornwall VSF in particular for our role facilitating joint working. Kate Kennally’s notes

Also launched was a join leaflet publicising the joint working that has been taking place between Cornwall Council and Cornwall VSF – about which more later.


Members voted on the appointment of four new Trustees: Anna Jay, Emma Rowse, James Webb, and Jane Wills for whom you can read short biographies here: Bios New Trustees

Members also voted to reappoint Sam Pashley as a Trustee, with thanks. Judith Hann was thanked for her work as a Trustee (retiring by rotation under the constitution).

Thanks were given to John Ede, who has been a Trustee for many years, who is retiring by rotation under the constitution.

Thanks were also given to existing Chair Richard Williams and Treasurer Karen Harris, as well as Office Manager Claire Watkins and Communications Officer Hannah Danson, who have, between them, kept the organisation running for the last year, while the future direction and funding were firmed up.