We have been asked to share the following letter regarding Cornwall’s response to Child Exploitation, from Mari Eggins, the VCSE rep on Cornwall’s Missing and Exploitation Group


Dear Colleagues

There will be a Quality Assurance and Scrutiny Panel in July with the specific task of looking at how Cornwall is responding to Child Exploitation.

Superintendent Sara Crane, who chairs the Missing and Exploitation Group, is collating responses from the sectors represented on the Group and I have been asked to collate the VCS response.

I have taken the questions allocated to me and created a questionnaire  with them on Survey Monkey.  It is fine not to fill in every box but it would be fantastic to get a wide range of responses from the VCS, especially when I know there is a wealth of information out there about what is working, and what could be improved.

Please could you fill in the quesitonnaire, and share it with others who have an interest in this area? The link is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RQCTS88

I need to get the results from my sector to Sara by 11 June so any responses not completed by NOON on  Friday 7 June can’t be included.

Thanks in advance for doing the survey.

Oll an Gwella
all the best

Mari Eggins
Chief Executive Officer

Carefree – Fostering Independence Cornwall