We know that the VCSE sector has shown an incredible level of determination, compassion, agility and resilience over the past few weeks as they have sought to win the battle against Covid-19 on the frontline within our communities.   VCSE organisations have worked tirelessly to ensure that wherever possible that people have remained safe, especially the most vulnerable, ensuring that all people can receive timely emotional, financial and practical support and care.   Unfortunately, the ability to remain flexible and responsive to the needs of beneficiaries, residents and communities has sometimes come at a great organisational cost within the sector.  This price has been paid at a time when organisations have seen a corresponding drop in their income as a result of not being able to undertake face-to-face fundraising or hold large events.

In order that we can get a clear picture on how the VCSE sector has experienced this crisis we are now kindly requesting that our VCSE colleagues participate in a short survey.  We hope that the findings from this survey will tell us how organisations have adapted during the crisis, and what financial impact the crisis may have had e.g. has it impacted on VCSE organisational reserves, etc.

Therefore, we would really appreciate it if you could participate in our Covid-19 social impact survey by following the following online link and completing the survey before 26 May 2020.    Click here to take part.

Please would you also be so kind as to share the link with any friends or family members who also work in the voluntary sector in Cornwall, to help us maximise the reach of our survey. We will make the survey findings publicly available at the very earliest opportunity and we will provide a summary of these findings on this website.

Thank you in advance for supporting this evaluation of Covid-19 social impact on the VCSE sector.