On Sunday, the second part of Simon Reeve’s documentary about Cornwall was aired on the BBC. It’s available on iPlayer here.

This episode focussed on nature, farming, the sea and the environment, and featured a large number of voluntary organisations, with Reeve making a point part way through that there is a lot done for this area by small organisations and individuals.

Among those mentioned were:

Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust, working to survey seals locally.

Farming Community Network, supporting farmers and families within the farming community.

Fathoms Free, collecting ghost nets from the sea floor.

The National Lobster Hatchery, in Padstow, hatching lobster eggs and releasing them once they are big enough to stand a better chance of survival in the wild.

Eden Project, with a focus on their agronomy degree course, and Tim Smit’s vision for the future.

In addition, at work in the areas featured were Cornwall Community Flood Forum, working with local communities to protect against, and prevent flooding. And also Cornwall Wildlife Trust, part of the work with beavers that was also part of the programme.

Following the programme last week, Transformation CPF Food bank, run by Don Gardner, has received £27,000 of donations via a Crowdfunder, and a total of over £120,000 in donations, which will help the food bank keep running for another 2 years.