Cornwall with Simon Reeve

At the weekend, Simon Reeve’s first in the series on life in Cornwall aired on the BBC. Moving, hard-hitting and fascinating by turns, the programme looked at how Cornwall was emerging from the first lockdown, how the locals were coping, and the return of tourists. It’s not an easy watch, but it could be argued it’s a necessary watch, to help people understand the poverty and difficulties that are prevalent in our corner of the world.

You can find part 1 on BBC i-Player here.

Here are contact details for the Transformation CPR Foodbank (including links to a Crowdfunder ,set up following an outpouring of generosity since the programme aired) and Wild Young Parents, which were featured. Catrina Davies, a housing campaigner, was interviewed by Simon Reeve in the programme, and by Cornwall Live last summer. You can read their interview here.

Part 2 will follow on Sunday at 8pm, on BBC2, in which Reeve will look at the environmental challenges facing Cornwall and the rest of the country.

Daisy Chain in St Just

In St Just, when lockdown happened in March, Town Councillor Daisy Gibbs rallied an army of volunteers to form ‘the Daisy chain’, an informal support network to ensure every household in the district had support.  Filmmaker Sky Neal followed the Daisy Chain for seven months, as local businesses adapted and the community pulled together to realise a more sustainable future. The challenge of the second lockdown is also captured in this short film, for the Guardian.