Cornwall Compact

The Cornwall Compact is an agreement setting out how the public and voluntary sectors should work together.

  • For voluntary organisations, it can help improve your relationship with the public sector and provide a mediation procedure in the event of disputes.
  • For public sector organisations, it’s also an opportunity to gain a better understand of the voluntary sector and get help if things go wrong.

Before reading the full Cornwall Compact document, get an introduction to how the Compact works by reading the Busy Person’s Guide. This explains:

  • What the Cornwall Compact can do for you
  • The key undertakings of public and voluntary sector organisations
  • Codes of good practice for organisations working in different areas
  • Mediation and advice on what to do in the event of a dispute

Sign up to the Compact

Complete this pledge form and return it to If you sign up to the Cornwall Compact your Group will have:

  • A stronger voice with better consultation
  • A chance to influence public sector decisions with a platform to challenge
  • Fairer funding and commissioning processes
  • A safety net to help protect your services in a unstable economic climate

If you have signed up to the Cornwall Compact, you can download your Implementation kit here.

The Cornwall Compact is a local version of the national Compact, which was first released in November 1998 to improve relations between the Government and the voluntary sector.

After consultation, the national Compact was refreshed in 2010. The refreshed version is available to read here.

Compact Voice negotiates with the Government on behalf of the voluntary sector. It provides a wide range of support on Compact issues, and its website includes many examples of good practice of working between the public and voluntary sector.