Community Local Led Development (CLLD) is a unique European funding programme that provides ESF and ERDF funding through one mechanism – so a project can have access to both or either of the funding streams as suits. The project is focussing investment of £11.5m in the most deprived areas in Cornwall (bottom 30% of the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (2010)). Strategy and funding decisions are made by the four Local Action Groups that cover Cornwall and they are open to receiving projects now. The projects should be focussed on enhancing the local economy in core neighbourhoods, with emphasis on innovative projects that will strengthen opportunities for people and enable business to grow.

Examples include:

  • helping unemployed or economically inactive people to develop in some way, e.g. skills, confidence, increased aspiration;
  • projects that will help potential entrepreneurs get to the point where they are ready to set up their own business;
  • projects to expand or increase productivity in your business in an eligible area, particularly where this will create additional employment.

There is a link on the CLLD website that will help you establish whether you are based in one of the areas that is being targeted – even if you are not, if the people who would benefit from the project are in that area, then you are likely to qualify – but the funders will be looking for partnership arrangements with groups within the area.

The CLLD team has been developing a suite of resources for people who are interested in developing projects under the programme – and the basics are all included in their Applicant Handbook. There are three grant schemes in operation:

  • Main Grants –ERDF and/or ESF £10k plus;
  • Enterprise Small Grants – ERDF only under £10k (aimed at small businesses);
  • Community Small Grants ERDF and/or ESF under £10k (aimed at local community organisations).

More information, guidance notes online application forms are available on the website