March is a busy month, with many events and awareness-raising occasions during the month.

These are just a few…

The whole of March

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Raising awareness of ovarian cancer, which is the UK’s deadliest gynaecological cancer, but about which most people know very little. The main symptoms are persistent stomach pain, persistent bloating, difficulty eating or a reduced appetite and more frequent urination.

For more information, including symptom guides, see the Ovarian Cancer Action website.

Week of 4-10 March

Endometriosis Awareness Week

Not a lot of clear information available about this, but there may be more soon on Facebook, or on the Endometriosis UK website.  There’s plenty of information there about the condition, anyway.

National Careers Week

Promoting the importance of good careers education in schools and colleges, including good resources to have those conversation with young people. Find out more on the National Careers Week website.

Week of 10-16 March

World Glaucoma Week

raising awareness of Glaucoma, across the world, and encouraging people to get regular sight checks to help detect it earlier. See the World Glaucoma Week website for more information.


1 March – Self Injury / Self Harm awareness day

Raising awareness of self-harm, and break down stereotypes and harmful assumptions. For more information, see organisations such as selfharm UK, Young Minds, and others.

5 March – St Piran’s day, patron saint of miners, beloved by the Cornish

Gool Peran Lowen!

8 March – International Women’s Day

With a theme of #BalanceforBetter this year, International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements while campaigning for a more gender-balanced world. Find out more on their website.

13 March – National No Smoking Day

Giving up smoking has numerous health benefits, and there is always support available to do that.  Find out more about National No Smoking Day on the dedicated website, plus NHS support available.

15 March – Red Nose Day, fundraising for Comic Relief

As they say – ‘do something funny for money’!  Many local groups have benefited from money raised on Red Nose Day in past years.  To find out more, see the Comic Relief website.

Also 15 March – World Sleep Day (Maybe not at the same time!)

Raising awareness of sleep as a human privilege that is often compromised by the habits of modern life.  A celebration of sleep, and looking at prevention and management of sleep disorders. See the World Sleep Day website for more info.

16 March – Disabled Access Day

Organised by Euan’s Guide, the disabled access review website is encouraging people to make the Day.  Although there are no events taking place in Cornwall, it’s a useful reminder that businesses should be accessible to disable people.   /

24 March – World Tuberculosis Day

Raising awareness of the prevalence of TB, even if it’s not a problem in this country so much these days. The theme this year is ‘it’s time’ as in time to end TB. For more information see the Stop TB website.

26 March – Epilepsy Awareness Day – Wear Purple day

Raising funds and awareness around epilepsy, which can have a devastating effect on a person, and can strike at any time. Organisers would like people to use the colour purple – clothing, cakes, hair, etc!  See what you can do on the Young Epilepsy website.

29 March – Wear a Hat day, for Brain tumour research

Having fun and raising funds for brain tumour research, and awareness of the disease.  Find out more on the Brian Tumour Research website.

31 March – Mothering Sunday

Because we love our mums.  Be especially kind to mothers, remembering also women who can’t have children, mothers who have lost their children, and people who have lost their mothers, or never knew them.