Thank you to all our Members, Associate Members and contacts, for being part of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum during 2018. We have enjoyed the opportunities you have given us to support the work of the Voluntary Sector here in Cornwall, making it stronger, and better able to support the communities in which we all live and work. We look forward to continuing this work during 2019, and hope to see you there too.

The Cornwall VSF Office will be closed for Christmas and New Year from Friday 21 December, resuming operations on January 7th.

The first newsletter for 2019 will be sent on that day, so if you have any important news that you would like us to disseminate for you in that first week, please email it to, so that it doesn’t get lost in the huge pile of emails in the admin in box – and mark it Urgent, so that I can’t miss it!  For regular, or non-urgent news, the address is fine, and will be dealt with during that first week back.

For other VSF matters, please email the person you have been dealing with, and they will get back to you when they are able.

We wish you all a peaceful and happy time, with space to take a break with those you love, and Happy Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas.  And to everyone, a fruitful 2019.