The Charity Commission has just published guidance for inactive or ineffective charities, and has begun contcting organisation it beleives could benefit from support.

The Commission is working with UK Community Foundations’ Revitalising Trusts programme, and is offering dormant charities a choice of closing, or changing.  There are

The Charity Commission has already written to 1,000 groups which have spent less than 30% of their income in the last five years, and around £10m has already been released back into the sector.  Another £10m is expected to be released by March 2020.


If a group chooses to close, their assets will be transferred to a community foundation, so that the public can still benefit from work that was done to collect it.

A group choosing to change will be supported to change their organisation’s purpose, or revitalise that they are doing, with support from the Revitalising Trusts programme. This can include getting new trustees, spending income, identifying beneficiaries and finding time to run the charity.

If you have received a letter already, or think that this could apply to your organisation, you can find out more on the website.