The Charity Commission has launched a new online register of charities, including more details about organisations listed, in order to increase transparency. The new register replaces the current and ‘beta’ versions of their list of charities.

You can access the new ‘charity check’ page here.

New information that is available via this search includes:

  • how many senior executives earn more than £60,000
  • whether any trustees are paid
  • income received from government grants or contracts
  • whether a charity has been subject to regulatory scrutiny
  • whether it works with a professional fundraiser
  • what policies they have in place, eg. around safeguarding.

Other information available on the site includes general data around the sector’s income, and a count of the number of volunteers and staff.

The plan is to make it easier to use the data elsewhere (eg. on websites or apps), and feedback is also sought from users regarding other improvements.