Changes to the Wills Notification Service

The Government has announced plans to change the Wills Notification Service, which is the service that informs charities when a legacy has been left to them. The plans were revealed by Ed Owen, director of communications at HM Courts and Tribunals Service, at the Institute of Legacy Management’s Conference recently, but his audience were frustrated at the lack of detail that was provided.

The current system will cease in July, but an update on more details was promised in June, including an interim solution while the finer details of the new process are established.

You can read more about this on the Civil Society website.


And how to get to that point in the first place…

Remember a Charity has recently published free resources to help charities choose a will-writing partner.

To help charities assess both the opportunities and the risks to make the right choice for their needs and those of their supporters, Remember A Charity has developed a brief guide and checklist, available through its site, for selecting a Will-writing partner and a directory of some of the most well-known Will-writing firms.

The advice includes considering how the Will-writing service is delivered and regulated, whether the provider has the expertise to handle complex estates and at what level qualified legal professionals are involved in the process. Additional questions include asking what steps the providers are taking to ensure that clients have mental capacity to make a Will and how they guard against undue influence of others.

With thanks to GRIN for this information, which originally appeared in UK Fundraising.