Changes to emails for Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum

Please be aware that the admin@ email address for this organisation will be being discontinued on 16 March 2020.

We have several other alternatives –

Email address Recipient Purpose Claire Watkins, Office Manager
  • projects and events we organise or support
  • membership enquiries and requests, including mailing lists
  • job adverts
  • requests for help from the organisation
  • other admin tasks Hannah Danson, Communications Officer
  • anything to do with the newsletter and website
  • newsletters sent to VSF Richard Williams, Chair of Trustees
  • high-level matters, or things concerning the Trustees Karen Harris, Treasurer, Trustee
  • matters relating to finance, incoming or outgoing


There will be a new email created for Helen Boardman, our new CEO, but we are not announcing this until she has started work, so that she at least has an empty in box once!


We ask that everyone please check that they have updated both their email system, and any references to Cornwall VSF that may exist on their websites.  In addition to the admin@ email address no longer being valid, we area ware that some people still have old-style email addresses on their websites, which take the form of firstname.lastname@ and have not been operational since July 2019.

This is especially important if you are a signposting organisation, as there will be no alternative email bounce-back message if the old addresses are used, due to a peculiarity of the system.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.