Changes have been announced in the way that children are taught sex education at school, beginning next year.

Various topics will be covered that haven’t been on the curriculum before, including

  • FGM – Female Genital Mutilation
  • the menstrual cycle, including what is normal and what in’st, eg recognising symptoms of endometriosis
  • relationships, from primary school, in an age-appropriate manner
  • More information about LGBT, and an approach to the teaching that is inclusive

Parents will have the right to remove their children from sex education lessons up to the age of consent, ie 15, but head teachers are being encouraged to talk to parents who are wishing to take this step, and explain the benefits of keeping their child in classes.

The BBC website has a good article covering the main points that will be covered at each age, and the expected controversy, as well as responses from charities and other organisations, who are generally behind the changes.

The Government’s press release about it is on the website, and the report on the consultation (carried out last year) that has led to these changes, can be read also on the website.