Highstreet chemist Superdrug is offering free breast cancer checks in stores, to show people how to check for the early signs of breast cancer.

Superdrug is working with breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel? to launch no-touch consultations from 19 March.  People who have booked consultations in Superdrug health clinics will be able to spend time with a trained nurse who will guide them through the process of checking their breasts for cancer symptoms. Men as well as women are welcome, as breast cancer doesn’t just affect females.

The nurse explain how to conduct a self-checking examination in addition to offering advice on what feels “normal”, what doesn’t and how often people should check themselves for lumps.  The in-store consultations are free of charge but must be booked ahead of time.

You can read the news story on the Independent website, find out more about CoppaFeel! on their website, and find out about how to check your breasts for signs of cancer on the Independent again, with a film from CoppaFeel.

It looks like the nearest Superdrug with a health clinic is in Cardiff (yes, really), but this is a good positive step for women’s health, and raises the issue of how women learn to check their breasts.