A few pieces of recent news around poverty, benefits and disabilities.


One in six pensioners living in poverty

According to a report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, one in six pensioners is living in poverty.  This is down to the combination of a fall in home-ownership, a rise in rental costs, and a benefits freeze.  The Foundation predicts that these figures will continue to rise as the next generation enters retirement.

You can read the Independent’s article on their website, and the full report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on their website.


Austerity blamed for rise in abortions

A ten-year high in the number of abortions taking place in the England and Wales is being blamed on austerity.

Figures show 192,900 terminations took place in 2016, a rise of four percent on the previous year, and the highest figures since 2008.   These are being blamed on simple economics, where families decide they cannot afford the cost of having a child, and also on the two-child benefit cap introduced the previous year, as well as cuts to sexual health services.

You can read more in the Independent article.


Flying, as a disabled person

A new charter is being proposed for airlines and airports, in an effort to improve the experience of passengers with a disability.

The propsals aim to

  • Remove the current £2,000 cap on payouts for damaged wheelchairs
  • enforce better training for airline crew and baggage handlers
  • encourage the industry to look at the way they handle disabled passengers and their equipment.

The aim is ultimately to allow disabled people to bring their wheelchairs into the cabins of planes.

The BBC article on the subject is on their website.