When’s the right time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago!

The second best time is now.

When’s the best time to collect acorns and other tree seeds? NOW!

Cornwall Wildlife Trust are encouraging all members, families and everyone across Cornwall to get out into nature over the next few weeks to collect acorns and other tree seeds.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has produced a step-by-step guide bursting with all the information you need to grow seeds into saplings, helping to contribute to Cornwall Council’s target of the Forest for Cornwall covering 2% of the land by 2030.

On the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website is all the information you need, from what to collect and where to find it, how to plant it, and what to do next.

Winter Workforce Wellbeing

We;’re going to adopt this fun scheme as part of our Winter Workforce Wellbeing thread!

Getting out in the fresh air (the weather’s supposed to be reasonable this weekend), spending time with family and friends exploring your local woods and hedgerows, and getting your hands muddy with growing things – these are all great ways to unwind and switch off from the work associated with the pandemic.

Make the time, and be deliberate about enjoying it, to get the maximum benefit.