The Asda Foundation provides capital grants for UK charities and not-for-profit organisations for local projects that benefit the wider community, address local needs and make a significant different to a neighbourhood.

The foundation provides grant funding to support capital costs including buildings, renovations, vehicles and equipment such as computers and audio systems.

To be eligible for the grants, projects must make a significant different to local communities and the people who live there, while meeting the following objectives:

  • Identify opportunities, initiatives and new ways to support local communities;
  • The charity/good cause has developed a relationships with the local store, depot or home office at a grassroots level;
  • Tackle the underlying problems in the local community;
  • Apply evidence from programmes of community needs and aspirations to develop their existing model;
  • Benefits the wider community and is not just supporting a single user group;
  • There is a proven need for the facility locally;
  • The project will make a real long term difference;
  • The project will transform the community, improving the lives of those who live there.


Registered charities and local not-for-profit organisations must:

  • Have the experience and capacity to deliver and maintain the project;
  • Have a current 3-5 year project plan in place;
  • Have the systems in place to ensure their finances are well managed.

Applications can be made at any time. For further information on the application process, visit The Asda Foundation website.