Digital wellbeing app for children

Prince William recently helped launch a digital wellbeing app aimed at children, called ‘Own it’. According to the BBC, it monitors how young people interact with friends and family online and through messaging apps.

The app uses AI to evaluate a child’s mood so it can offer advice or encourage them to talk to trusted adults. It is designed to offer help and support especially if children are about to share sensitive data or send an upsetting message.

Own It app, showing a 'you sound angry' message as a text says 'I hate you all'

The app will offer advice alongside the text and messages children type

You can read more on the BBC website and download the app from your usual app store.


Care Zare app for carers

An app has been launched recently to help people who care for a family member to co-ordinate schedules, medical appointments and other daily interactions – aimed especially at groups of people caring for an individual, for example several family members plus paid carers looking after an elderly or disabled person.  Developed by a teenager in America whose family was in that situation, the Care Zare app allows for handovers to be made remotely, for one person to notify others of medical appointments, incidents, sleep patterns and anything else that is relevant to ensuring the person being cared for receives the best possible, co-ordinated care.

The app has been released for free for private individuals, and a paid-for version is available for care homes and other agencies. You can find out more on the Care Zare website.


Online fundraising platform

Source UK Fundraising, via GRIN 

An online fundraising platform that incentivises people to donate to good causes has just opened.

Rafful aims to raise more than £1 million for charities over the next 12 months through prize draw tickets from £10 per entry for the chance to win a date with celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment as well as other ‘money-can’t-buy experiences’.

The prizes are donated by celebrities or companies working together with charities, although there’s not a lot of detail on the website about how to do this.  If your organisation has a cool celebrity contact, then this might be something worth considering, to get the maximum leverage out of their status. You’ll have to contact Rafful direct to ask them how to go about it though!


Facebook and text fundraising

Civil Society has run two articles recently around the growth of Facebook fundraising and text donation.  If you want to explore these areas, this is a good place to start.


Wellbeing for charity communications staff

Charity Comms has published an interesting blog about the mental health and wellbeing of people who work in the charity comms sector.  Now there may not be many of us down here who are exclusively ‘Communications Officers’ or similar, but there are surely more people who have some kind of communications function in their organisation, who could benefit from reading this.  Keeping positive, facing difficult client situations, responding to emergencies and telling difficult stories can all take a toll on mental health, and this article has some useful pointers around recognising and dealing with the issue.