Chairman Richard Williams and the Trustees of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum have appointed Helen Boardman as our new CEO, to start on Monday 23 March 2020.

Previously Helen was Service Director at First Light South West, the commissioned service for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for sexual abuse and domestic violence. Her remit there was to mobilise the sexual abuse and domestic violence integrated service for CIOS, which she did very successfully, and the interviewing panel was keen to harness this skill to take the future plans and concepts for Cornwall VSF and implement effective services from them.

Helen Boardman, CEO of Cornwall VSF from 23 March 2020

Before First Light, Helen was interim CEO of the umbrella body Oxfordshire Youth, supporting charities to be better at what they do, so she’s definitely had experience of working in this kind of organisation and role. During her time at First Light, she sat on various strategic forums, helping to develop a systems-based approach to reducing domestic abuse and sexual violence. Helen has already begun to form a solid network of contacts locally, and has a good understanding of the voluntary sector landscape here.

We will be publishing a more extensive interview with Helen before she starts, and exploring a bit more about how she hopes to ensure Cornwall VSF’s future plans become a reality that will improve the life of the voluntary sector in Cornwall.

Helen was at the Climate Change event that we organised on Friday, and will be at another couple of events before her official start date, so please make her welcome.

We are delighted to have her on board, and excited to work with her to bring the best out of the voluntary sector in Cornwall.