It’s Alcohol Awareness Week, and Safer Cornwall has put together a series of messages that will be shared on social media throughout the week.

Please share them throughout the week, to help people develop a healthy relationship with alcohol, and understand the impact it can have on their mental health. The main messages, and films are shared here.

Having a drink is a quick but deceptive fix.

Many of us use alcohol to de-stress after a busy day. Initially this works, but in the long run it can make stress harder to deal with. Alcohol affects the chemicals in your brain, which can make you feel relaxed, but these changes can also let negative feelings take over, such as anxiety and depression. For alternative and healthier ways to relax, why not consider exercise, listening to music or talking to friends and family. For support and advice on cutting down your alcohol intake contact We Are With You on 0333 2000 325.

Is your drinking affecting your life?

Drinking too much alcohol can have a negative impact on your work, family and friends. It can also make it difficult to see the signs that you are drinking too much. If you, or someone you know, would like advice and support with their drinking contact We Are With You on 0333 2000 325.

Reality TV star Spencer Matthews talks here about his personal experience of alcohol misuse and the reason he chose to be sober.   

How do you know if you are drinking at unhealthy levels?

Covid-19 is affecting us all in different ways. Some of us are drinking more and this can have an adverse effect on our mental health. If you, or someone you know, is worried about their alcohol consumption you can use the #Drinksmeter app to monitor your drinking levels. The app also considers other personal circumstances such as mental health, pregnancy and other health issues which may affect your reaction to alcohol and will offer you advice, support and information that meets the needs of your personal drinking habits.  

Alcohol can be seen as a quick fix but too much can have a negative impact

A little alcohol to relax & cope with stress is fine but drinking a lot regularly can impact your mental and physical health. There are many other ways to relax and cope with stress.

Alcohol and mental health don’t mix well

You may be using alcohol to cope with a range of mental health symptoms, but it can actually make them worse and harder to get better. You can get help with your mental health and alcohol use together through your GP or contact @We Are With You on 0333 2000 325 for non-judgemental support and advice. Here’s Jonny talking about his personal experience of mental health and alcohol.

Your drinking could be affecting your mood

Alcohol can have long term effects on your mental health including feeling low, worried or anxious, trouble sleeping or feeling aggressive and angry. Drinking a little bit less can significantly improve these effects. Having a few nights a week alcohol free, spreading the recommended 14 units per week over several days or just monitoring your alcohol intake more closely can help you improve your mental health and overall wellbeing; the #Drinksmeter app is a simple and helpful tool to achieve this.